About Us

IMMI Consulting Inc is a comprehensive service company dedicated to providing education consulting, financial public relations, overseas asset allocation and family wealth inheritance services.
IMMI consulting Inc is located in the Greater New York area of the United States, and our business scope radiates to Boston, Maryland, Los Angeles and other regions, providing services to customers in many countries and regions including China(Mainland), Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the United States.
IMMI has been committed to establishing a cultural quality system, creating a charming and soulful company team, and dedicated to creating higher value for every customer.

Our Business Partners

IMMI Consulting Inc cooperates with many platforms and companies such as YiIMMI Education, IMMI Finance, and Overseas student service platform. We are committed to providing customers with comprehensive, accurate and high-quality services in a comprehensive, integrated, and professional manner.

We can help you with:

Financial -IR Consulting
Operation & Marketing Services
HR Consulting Services
International Student Service
Financial Investment
Family Heritage
Industrial Investment
Tax Planning